God is There

There are times I look at someone and I wish I had more to offer.  I wish I had the words to make things better.   As a parent, we try to make things better with our children.  Comfort them, kiss the wound, and send them on their way.  But in so many lives there is anxiety, depression or emotional scars that are far deeper than a band-aid and a kiss.  They need God.  I am so glad He is there.  You see, the good news is that God is willing to go to all of those places!

No matter where you go, God is willing to go there with you. 

In Genesis 39 there is a familiar story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife.  To make a long story short, she ends up accusing him of trying to assault her and Joseph ends up in jail.  But do you know what it says?   It says that while Joseph was in prison, God was with him.  He was even in solitary confinement and God was with him.  God showed kindness to him and watched over him even though he was suffering.  He didn’t take the suffering away.  He was there with him in it.

It is a healthy reminder for all of us that there is no limit to God’s presence in our life.  If you are in prison, the hospital, or in your living room wondering how to navigate the pain of your life, God is with you!    Sure the suffering might not just disappear, but knowing you are not alone should give you some hope.

So remember that no matter where you go in life, God is willing to go there with you.

2 thoughts on “God is There

  1. We have so much to offer, yet, like you said, I often times feel as though I don’t have anything to offer. I get tongue frozen, forget tied. My mind clouds up in the face of real fears and sufferings and inside I begin to frantically beseech God for His right words for this moment. I’m learning that mostly He wants me to listen, to comfort others in their pain as He has often comforted me in mine, and to trust Him that when He wants me to say specific words He WILL give them to me. Until then, listen. Love. Be there.

    Joseph is one of my favorites. HIS JOY. Joy. To have that kind of joyous, positive, GOD IS FOR ME attitude in the face of rejection, fear, false accusations, and shame. To live with integrity to that degree in all situations. Joseph sets the bar high. Remarkable!

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