Stop Killing Time

Time is not worth wasting

I have a confession to make.  It seems that I have killed a lot of time in my life. There is no way to measure the amount of time that has been slaughtered by my carelessness.  I have been a killer of time and I am not happy about it.  You see, time is a commodity that seems to become more and more important the older that one gets.  When I was in grade school I looked forward to the day being over.  I looked forward to the weekend, to summer, and to that vacation my family had planned.  I looked forward to getting to high school, getting my license, and finally getting out on my own.  All of those things came quickly though and now time seems to be moving along faster than I can watch it fly on by.  It bothers me because I know that one day I will look back and wish that time I murdered when I was younger is able to be brought back to life.  It bothers me because I keep getting these things on my Facebook feed reminding me of how quickly my kids are growing up.  I have no time to waste!  Every minute actually matters.  Every second must actually be savored as the most important moment of life.   It seems to me that life was meant to be lived right now, not for something in the future — an idealistic dream world that never actually comes anyway.  So then I wonder how it is that we can talk about how busy we are in one moment with no time to spare and then spend an hour “killing time” waiting for our children to finish their event, or our plane to board.

Stop killing time and start living your life purposefully.  Wait with purpose.  Meet new people.  Take up a new hobby.  Read a book (an actual one with paper).  Do something for someone else.  Pray.  Turn off the notifications on your phone. Find something to do.  Just don’t kill time.  It will be gone before you know it and you have none to spare.






2 thoughts on “Stop Killing Time

  1. Sobering truth! I’m like you. I can easily look back to all of the time I wasted and all of the moments I didn’t fully live in because I was longing for the future thing…whatever that was. It’s funny that you wrote this. Today one of my devotional readings ended with this: The Mission- Today, start your heavenly currency exchange. Give of your time, your energy, your wealth, and your love to the purposes of heaven. 💙

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