Glad I’m Not January

After a tough start to winter this year, we finally had some days where we could go outside and not have the wind freeze our flesh. It was quite the treat.  As I walked around the yard I noticed that the snow was deeper than I remembered it being and that getting that snow in your boots is cold.  Over on one side of the yard sat the Christmas tree, waiting in line to be burned in the fire pit during the summer. It still looks really green, but is not as nice as it was in the living room.  In my hands were Christmas lights that for whatever reason decided to stop working, ironically just like my preteen son.  And then it hit me:  I would sure hate to be January.

January — brrr

December gets all the hype, fun lights, gifts, movies,elves, and sweet treats.  November gets Thanksgiving which takes food and football and merges them together in merriment.  What does January get?  Dark days and nights.  Cold temperatures.  Frozen pipes. Cars that won’t start. Ice covered roads.  Garage doors that break. (yes, the replacement of the aforementioned door is happening this week– could be a blog post in that)  All of this and the let down emotionally that Christmas has now come and gone once again.  Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the seasons of the year.   I look foward to them in fact.  It is just that January seems to get left out of the fun, like that one friend that nobody thinks to call and invite to the movie.  Thankfully February shares candy hearts early with everyone, which makes us look forward to spring and February 15th when they get marked down to 50% off.

Yet, as I thought about this I realized that there is a lot of joy to be had in January.  Life is full of adventure and experiences.  Winter sports are in full swing.  Movie nights in the warmth of the living room are a nice treat that does not happen in the summer.  Getting out the skis is a fun activity that even the littlest among us can figure out pretty quickly. (I mean how can you look at her and not smile?)

Enjoy each day

Yes, I guess there is joy to be found in every month of the year.  It takes looking for something that will brighten your day and doing that.   For me it might be getting a cup of coffee and staring out the window for a while.  At other times I enjoy pulling my daughter around the yard in the sled or working on some project.  Whatever it is for you, get out and enjoy each day because each day is a true gift from God.   Yes, even January.



3 thoughts on “Glad I’m Not January

  1. You can NOT look at her without smiling. I mean! Cute!!

    ” when they get marked down to 50% off…” =cracking me up.

    So don’t hate me when I write this, but today it’s 80 degrees with a brilliantly clear blue sky. But not so hot that we couldn’t enjoy our afternoon walk around the 3-mile lake filled with ducks, swans, and…..should I go on? You’re throwing something at the computer screen right now, aren’t you? LOL. I’m in Florida and apparently, we aren’t getting a winter this year. I don’t know.

    We were visiting a couple the other day and the man commented on how he wished Christmas decor could stay out until the end of January. That everyone is too busy in December and just when you are ready to enjoy it, it’s time to pack it up. I agree!

    Last of all, our Christmas lights went kerplunk this year as well. It must be in the air. 🙂

      1. 40 is brutal in my world. The year we hit upper 20’s for a low is still etched in my mind as the year of the frozen tundra…also the winter that prompted me to buy a vehicle with butt warmers. I don’t know how people do it!!

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