Please don’t say that “r” word

 Order or chaos?
Rhythm or chaos?

Last year I had the privilege of having an intern serving alongside me.  It was a time that stretched me as much as it stretched my intern.  I say that because I can work on my own without any issue, but when I need to provide some direction to someone else it involves a bit more planning.  In the midst of some of the initial conversations with him, I used the word “rhythm” a few different times.  Each time he seemed to laugh it off as if it was something that doesn’t exist in ministry.  I know that I don’t have rhythm when it comes to music, but there certainly is some sort of rhythm to ministry – even if that rhythm is chaotic.

I came to Cape Cod in November of 2006 to begin my work as youth pastor.  For 6 years I had a fairly predictable rhythm to my life, even if everyday was not the same.  There are a lot of variables.  I added three more children to my family and made changes in order to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.  But I still had some rhythm to my life.  It was nice that way because it allowed me to think clearly.

Since the fire at our church, I have felt that I am lacking rhythm.  It is not that I don’t have normal things that I do.  I even have a new office now and everything.  It is just that there are so many things that have changed that I have had a hard time thinking.  It has made me look back at certain parts of the Scriptures to hear from the Lord again.  I know that I don’t have to understand everything.  I know that with or without rhythm in my daily life, God is still at work in my life.  It is encouraging too because my kids are still bringing up the loss of the church.

Over the weekend we were staying at someone’s house because the power was out.  Our house got down to about 50 degrees and we left.  The other house had a couple of wood burning stoves in it.  At one point my 3-year-old looked at me and said, “I don’t like fire.”  I said, “why not?”  He said, “because our church burned down.”  Here is something that has thrown us all off so far that months later my youngest son is still talking about it.

Sweeping the Road..good use of time?
Sweeping the Road..good use of time?

There is a positive in this all, however.  Not having familiar things has made me consider why I do what I do.  My comfort factor with the new office set up and routines will come.  In the mean time, I have the opportunity to at least consider the way I live each day.  Am I using the time I have with intention as God would have me?

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.- James 1:17

2 thoughts on “Please don’t say that “r” word

  1. It’s hard getting into new routines, which is why when my husband is out of town I get so little done. If he were gone longer, I’d get it together to be more productive, but not when it’s just a few days.

    I’ve also used the term rhythm at work. I do corporate tax work and new employees are always overwhelmed at the volume of work that we deal with. I keep reminding them that there is a rhythm to it and what gets done each month. It’s easy to get overwhelmed before you understand that.

    Great post – what you’re sharing is valuable even if your readers haven’t thought of it that way.


    1. Thanks Nancy. I really don’t know what readers find valuable or not. I just write what is on my heart that day and let God take care of the rest. Some days people resonate with it and others they do. I appreciate your encouragement though.

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