Banning Valentine’s Day? Really?

heartMy kids came home today with a bunch of Valentine’s Day candy and cards.  They were so excited about them that they ran into the house to show me.  There was nothing large, but a lot of personal notes on cards.  Regardless of the real motives behind the holiday, it is a lot of fun for kids.  I especially appreciate the candy hearts and will be looking forward to the sales that start tomorrow.

A school in Massachusetts banned Valentine’s Day candy and cards this year. (story)  They claim that it is to keep the burden off families from buying cards or candy.  There isn’t a whole lot of burden to this.  My kids made cookies and wrapped them in plastic.  They brought one for everyone in their class.  The intention of making sure everyone gets something is a good one, but is easily remedied by having students bring one for everyone or no one.   The bottom line is that you do not need to buy a lot of things to participate.

I think schools need to lighten up a little bit and remember that there are actual children in the school.  They already can’t play games that they feel exclude people or are ‘too violent’  They have made a wellness policy that limits things kids can bring in for a birthday treat.  Now to limit cards also seems to be taking all the fun out of the school.

That being said, I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day no matter what your relationship status is.  There is one who loves you so much that He gave His life for you.   His name is Jesus Christ and in Him is the best gift you could ever receive.





  1. I totally agree about the schools, too! They are really getting out of hand. They take everything away. Here where I am even “Field Trips” are almost extinct, except for the few most boring ones they can find. Not only to they forget that there are actual children in the classroom, I think they have lost touch with how it felt when they were kids. Gosh, give them something to look forward to. Oh, see, you shouldn’t have gotten me started on talking about the schools.

    Closes mouth – exit, stage right 🙂

    1. I agree with you. I have found school losing a lot of the fun things because they are afraid of injury or other strange things. They take away what it means to be a kid. Yes there is danger, but life is dangerous. You are right about not giving them anything to look forward to. All they do is tell them no to everything. I think it is a real shame.

  2. I think without a doubt the schools are out of control. They had a special event here and in the course of it, a kid was awarded a Swiss army knife. After the event was over, they returned to the school and a teacher was looking for a screwdriver to fix a desk. Next thing you know, the school is expelling the kid for bringing a weapon to school. Parents with an attorney stopped the expulsion. The details were kept out of the press, but rumor had it they had to threaten to sue the school for giving the kid a knife without their permission.

    We have lost sight of what is foolish and what is not. Things are so far out hand, I see little return to sensibility.


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