Stop Reading So Much!

Just let the boy win the prize!

Just let the boy win the prize!

My children have enjoyed being a part of the local library’s reading program every summer.  In fact, this year all three of the boys are involved and have won a few small prizes along the way.  The things they are earning are not too large, but they are sure excited to receive them.  They also look at the items they are able to win via a drawing at the end and dream about what it would be like to win those things.  This small incentive encourages them to read many books over the summer months.  Last year one of them won a prize in the drawing at the end of the summer.  The goal for them is to win the prize, but they are fine with whatever happens.  They are excited about reading during summer.  I would say that is a positive thing!

One library has told a 9-year-old boy he needs to stop winning each year.  Evidently he read 63 books in 6 weeks to win the prize again.  He has won it for 5 years in a row.  (story) That is a commendable achievement, one that you would think they would applaud.  Yet, they are trying to diminish it.

If the boy was being accused of cheating, then I could see the outrage.  But, if he is really reading the books, then more power to him!  The notion that everyone deserves a chance to win is right, but everyone also needs to follow the parameters set for the prizes.  If you want to win, start reading more books than that kid!  If the Green Bay Packers win every game this year and for the next 10 years will other teams cry that they should stop playing football.  I bet they would cry, sure, but not because of unfair conditions. There would certainly be frustrated fans all over the place, but if the team is not cheating, then there is no reason to pull them out.

The librarian needs to let the kid excel at what he is doing.  If she feels guilty, maybe she could give every kid a sticker for their efforts.  My kids love those.


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