The Sunday Series

Sundays were my series days in the past, hence the “Sunday Series” heading.  Below are the different series posts organized under their respective headings.

Series – Life Lessons : Three part series on God’s work in leading our family to where we are today

Part 1 – Timing is Everything (1/22/12)
Part 2- The Moment we Were Waiting For (1/29/12)
Part 3-  Just What was Needed (2/5/12)
Part 4- Positive Transitions (2/12/12)

Series- Cliche Verses: Taking Bible verses that are commonly quoted and helping to understand their context in order to apply them properly.

Part 1- Can I really do all things? – Philippians 4:13 (2/19/12)
Part 2- What are God’s plans for me? – Jeremiah 29:11 (2/26/12)
Part 3- Is money really the root of all evil? – 1 Timothy 6:10 (3/4/12)
Part 4- Why would God allow evil to occur? (3/11/12)
Part 5- Will God ever give me more than I can handle? (3/18/12)
Part 6- Of the world, in the world? – 1 John 2:15 (3/25/12)
Part 7- John 10:34- “You are gods” – What’s up with that? – John 10:34 (3/31/12)
Part 8 – Yes, the resurrection does matter! (4/8/12)
Part 9 – The Lord has taken your sin away! (4/15/12) – a break from the cliche series for a week
Part 10- God loves you and He has proven it. (John 3:16)
Part 11- I prayed for it in Jesus’ name, shouldn’t I expect it? (John 14:13)
Part 12- Why do we sing songs to Jesus?
Part 13- Isn’t this an overreaction?  (5/13/12) – 2 Kings 2:23-25

Series- Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah: Taking a look at the Old Testament account of Nehemiah and how he demonstrates many leadership principles for us all to follow.

Nehemiah 1 -Leadership Begins with the Heart
Nehemiah 2- Leadership Takes Discernment (part 1)
Nehemiah 2 – Leadership Takes Discernment (part 2)
Nehemiah 3- Leadership Invites Teamwork 
Nehemiah 4- Leadership Experiences Opposition
Nehemiah 5 – Leadership is about Serving
Nehemiah 6 & 7 – Leadership is Completing Tasks
Nehemiah 8, 9 & 10 – Leadership is Shepherding People
Nehemiah 11& 12- Leadership Sets the Pace
Nehemiah 13- Leadership Leaves a Legacy

Series- Jesus Christ – The Way: Taking a look at how the world views Jesus Christ and who He really is.  If Jesus Christ is real, then we each need to decide where to follow Him or not.

Jesus Christ – The Way (week 1) – What difference does it make what I believe?
Jesus Christ- The Way ( Week 2)- Jesus as the gift
Jesus Christ – They Way (Week 3) – Jesus is the only answer
Jesus Christ- The Way (Week 4) – Is Jesus historically accurate?
Jesus Christ- The Way (Week 5) – The Real Jesus
Jesus Christ – The Way (Week 6) – In Plain Sight
Jesus Christ – The Way (Week 7) -One Consistent Savior
Jesus Christ – The Way (Week 8) – The Most Important
Jesus Christ – The Way (Week 9) – How much is it?
Jesus Christ – The Way (Week 10) – Greater Than The Temple
Jesus Christ – The Way (Week 11) – Even Greater 

Series – My School Bus Youth Ministry:  There are a lot of similarities between traditional youth ministry and driving school bus.  I am going to share some of how I was shaped by my time as a school bus driver through stories, anecdotes and challenges.  My hope is that this will be encouraging to all who read.

(11/3/12) – My School Bus Youth Ministry (intro)
(11/11/12) – My School Bus Youth Ministry – No Wasted Conversations
(11/18/12) – My School Bus Youth Ministry – There is always one
(12/9/12) – My School Bus Youth Ministry – Hearing Through The Noise
(12/23/12)- My School Bus Youth Ministry – Missing the Point
1/20/13)- My School Bus Youth Ministry – CheckingYour Blind Spots
(1/27/13) – My School Bus Youth Ministry – The Unexpected

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