New Horizons: Time to Write Again

It is interesting to look back at how this blog started.  I was a youth pastor on Cape Cod and there was so much going on in my brain that writing was a natural outlet for it.  It was a real fun thing for me to build a little following, make a few cyber connections, and learn something along the way. For a whole year I wrote one post a day!  That is quite the pace.  And then things changed.  I moved to a new place and encountered some difficult days.  The horizon seemed dimmer.   It was like I was shut off; my mind had things it still wanted to say, but I lived in almost a numbed silence.   I didn’t even know how to move ahead.

2017 – New Horizons

Just recently I picked up my notebook where I jotted down blog post ideas.  Some of them were really funny. But that exercise encouraged me again.  I realized that my mind was sharper when I was writing on this forum.  I think that it actually helped me express things that God was doing in me.  It made me think creatively and put ideas out there, whether anyone looked at it or not.

Therefore, I am going to be doing some work on this blog in the coming days, sort of fine-tuning where it is I want to take it in 2017.  The concept is still the same:  There is nothing wasted in life.  The only difference is that my kids are now older, I am older, and the things that cause me to think now are just a little more refined.  And when I say that, it is not like some really aged piece of cheddar or anything.  I mean God is maturing, challenging, and expanding those things that I thought I had figured out.  That is exciting!   I want to share my heart, the things I care about, and hopefully some encouragement for people who might track along with me.  No, I don’t have it all figured out.  But I believe that all that was cut off in my difficult times has actually grown into something quite beautiful.  And for those new horizons, I thank God.


2 thoughts on “New Horizons: Time to Write Again

  1. I’d love to hear more from you on the blog, but I fully understand that this is a fun thing – work and family come first. When I was your age, working full-time with a spouse and young child, I gave up a lot of things to take care of them first. Everything else came second.

    Do what you can – thanks for the notes on my blog. I appreciate them very much.


    1. I obviously have plenty to do, but writing more is a goal I have for this new year. My kids are getting older all the time (good and bad I suppose) and I am a different person than I was 5 years ago.

      At any rate, I will write when I can and check in on your blog too. I always enjoy that.

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