The Lego Jar (9/20/14) – Summer Winds Down — Fishing Winds Up

I have not done a Lego Jar post in a while simply because my time has been limited.  The who idea of the Lego Jar was to design a post that gave me a chance to write about all the various random events that take place.  There has been no shortage of random around here, I assure you.  I thought I would share a few pieces of the summer, mainly the fishing that we did.    The problem is that I did not catch too many fish when I went with the kids this year.  I wonder why? scenery

The summer season has wrapped up, school has started, and the nightly battle for homework has begun.  Don’t you just love the fall?   Thankfully with the fall weather comes even more time for fishing, since I am trying to get my fishing day count up.  I feel like I am making up for the years on Cape Cod that I didn’t get to fish too much.  Yes, there was water on the Cape, but I had younger children.  Taking younger kids fishing is as fun as tying knots all day long because that is what you do.  Take a kid fishing and you will know what I mean.  For an extra amount of fun, take a couple of kids fishing in a canoe!  Thankfully we have done that this year many times and have had pretty good success with it.

canoeOur most recent trip was on a canoe trail that took us onto the Mississippi River and then back.  After my boys got over the fact that there were big boats out there, they enjoyed the time.   There were a few fish and very little complaining.  Usually no fish means a lot of complaining.  My kids are growing up!


We stayed away from this one

The thing about fishing with kids is that they want to keep every fish that you catch.  In their mind every fish is a keeper.  Now that I think about it, I do have a Northern Pike head in my freezer yet.  That was not to be eaten, but to be shown around as proof that we actually catch more fish than the little ones.

no keeper

This is the time of year when apples are starting to be more available.  We were able to press some cider recently.  The problem we ran into was that there were two bulls in the field that we did not know were there.  All of a sudden there they were.  It was a dramatic time for my 7 year old son who screamed “I’m too young to die”  Needless to say, they don’t want to go pick apples in the pasture anymore.

Some people have asked me how the kids have done with the transition.  I would say after a full summer of fun and a new school year that is underway, they have adjusted well.  I was at a cafe for breakfast with the two older boys and they said to me “dad, I feel like I know everyone in this town.”   I wonder how many people they will know after we have been here an entire year.  Such is life in a small town.

As I wrap this up, I have been asked twice if we can go fishing today.  Is that not what it is all about anyway?  Each season has its own unique rhythm to it, but all of the seasons have fishing attached to them.   Time to get on with it.  After all, the only way you catch fish is by fishing.


At family camp



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