Looking at Our City With Love

Since the day I moved to this city I have been praying for God to give me a love for the people here.  This is not about gimmicks.  Instead I am freshly aware of the call on us as the church to care for the souls of the people in this community.  We have a God-given job to care for these people.  One of the things that has really stirred my thinking over the last few months is a video from our current Christian and Missionary Alliance president.  It is only 11 minutes long and would be worth your time.  I believe God wants to do some new and amazing things with His church.  We just need to wake up!

What was your favorite part?  I have a few things that stick in my mind.  What about you?



  1. interesting….occurs to me that once our country was blessed by God…..it moved along very quickly…and yet, a city so large and so full of souls…..so many could be lost and so few could be so powerful in the spirit of the Lord – a story that has repeated itself for thousands of years….of what Simpson says…I like what he says, “let us awake” and “let us speak as men that believe”. the most. Thanks for sharing this video!

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