The Lego Jar (12/14/13) – Moving Along

We are in the middle of a move to Wisconsin.  This has made life a little different.  But I thought I would share a few highlights from the past few weeks.

We have been taking various hikes in the park.  It involves some exploring and climbing of the hill a few times.


I took a trip to Wisconsin last week to move a few things and I ended up at the Packers game – front row.

Horrible seats

Horrible seats

I dressed up for the occasion.  It was a cold day so the beard was helpful.

IMAG0324The thing on my head is a noodle.  I came home with free gifts for my kids.


We have a couple weeks left before we pack up the truck.  This makes for some disruption to the normal way things go home.  But I leave you with this today because this was something I found one day in my office.  It is amazing how something small like this can bring some calm.


Have a great weekend!



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