It is time to write a note to someone!

Everything seems to revolve around social media now.  We send messages on Facebook and text messages for everything.  Phone calls are rare and handwritten notes are fading away.  The personal touch seems to be lacking at times.

wpid-IMAG0311.jpgSo this morning I wrote my three boys a note.  There was nothing all that earth shattering about any of them.  I just told them about how much I loved them and how I am proud of them.  I shared something about how I pray for them and left it at that.  This is so meaningful for them.

Therefore I want to encourage you to do the same for people you love.  This week is Thanksgiving.  Maybe there is someone you have been taking for granted.  It could be that a handwritten note would encourage someone’s day in ways you don’t realize.  This is true even if you have horrible handwriting like me!

Pick up that pen and write one to someone and watch how God blessing in that!

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