The Lego Jar (11/23/13) – I am that hero!

What would a week be without the boys putting on strange clothes?  I guess it is better than losing their clothes, although that does happen enough also.  It seems like we are being influenced by vampires and super heroes.  I don’t know which one scares me more.

Scene 1

We have a young boy aspiring to be a super hero or a vampire.  I guess it depends on your particular bent.  He did wear this outfit to church one day.  Enough said.

I do not say "Bleh, bleh, bleh"

I do not say “Bleh, bleh, bleh”

Scene 2

If you have ever seen Larry Boy, this will make sense.  We have some super suction ears.


Of course today we are going to be building some sort of camo fort.  I will keep you posted.

Have a great weekend!


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