Thankfulness Overflowing Before Frantic Store Going

Thanksgiving is first

Thanksgiving is first

If everything I have belongs to God, then I must learn to appreciate what I have.  If I have been given everything in need in Jesus Christ, then I must appropriately overflow with thankfulness.  This is a healthy way of life.  Instead of looking at what other people have or at Black Friday ads and hoping to get something you don’t have, you look at all that you do have.  It is a lifestyle that sometimes is hard to do with all of the stuff around us, but it is so freeing to say “thank you” for even the most mundane things as a realization that nothing comes from you.   It is all God’s!   This type of attitude makes us happier people and even keeps us away from burdens like unnecessary debt.  Yes, that was me tying frivolous spending to a lifestyle of thankfulness.

Christmas is coming up again.  But did you know that before Christmas is this holiday called “Thanksgiving?”  What is making matters even more interesting this year are the number of stores once again opening on Thanksgiving.  It seems like some retailers are pushing things up every year putting their own bottom-line over their employees family time.   I understand the need to make money as a business, but I also know that people need time to stop to give thanks.  It is not just about turkey and football, it is about health and worship.  It is about happiness and time with family.  So, just stop and give thanks without looking through all of those ads and desiring to buy things that you cannot afford.  And please do not buy my family gifts that you do not have the money to buy.  That defeats the purpose of this season, in my opinion.

But Christmas comes soon enough --

But Christmas comes soon enough —

Instead we need to find our foundation in Jesus Christ.  It is in Him we live, move, and have our being.  It is in Him where we received everything we could ever possibly need.  And actually it is really the gift of Jesus we celebrate at Christmas anyway, not the material items we give each other.  You have been given fullness in Christ!  He is available right now, offering Himself to you.

Soon it will be time to deck the halls and I am looking forward to that.   But let’s not forget about Thanksgiving first.



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