What are you so worried about?

IMAG0091Every morning I go through a similar routine with my daughter.  She has recently graduated out of her crib to a bed and has also started to bring stacks of things to bed with her.  She does get this from her brothers who are very good at collecting things in their own beds also.  She will have a stack of books, blankets, a cup of water, and three or four babies.  Every night she insists on having all of her things with her arranged in just the right way.  In the morning I go into her room to get her and she once again insists on all of her things coming with her.  What it means is that I need to carry everything for her down the stairs.  Every morning I carry her babies, blankets, and books downstairs for her.  If I miss one I get the “daddy, more, more” lecture.   I guess I know what she desires now and am surprised if she doesn’t give me the “daddy, more, more” lecture if I happen to try to leave one on her bed.

God has a way of taking things our kids do and highlight them in our time with Him.    I know that I sometimes get concerned about details of the future.  I mean, we all have big plans, right?  God has surprised me over and over again with better plans than I had for myself, and yet I still have this desire to try it my way first.  One of the verses that struck me recently was in the midst of a lesson Jesus gave about worry.  It is a section we are all likely familiar with.    The basic thrust of the passage is that we should not worry because God will take care of us.  That is not a foreign concept to us.  Yet, tucked in the middle of this passage was a phrase that jumped right out at me.

“For the pagans run after all these things and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.” – Matthew 6:32

I take great comfort in knowing that my heavenly Father knows what I need because He is the only one that really can do anything about that anyway.  Think about it.  We spend so much time trying to figure it all out when God says, “hey, I know what you need, so trust me for it.”   My daughter trusts me to tend to her babies and stacks of books each day without worry.  How much more should we all look to God and completely trust Him for the results?!  The key is in the next verse which gives us a better option than worry.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” – Matthew 6:33

Whatever you are dealing with today, please know that your heavenly Father knows what you need – even more than you do!  Be encouraged and rejoice in His provision for today and trust him for “more, more” above your own ideas.


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