The Lego Jar (9/7/13) – School Again

There are mixed emotions when it comes to starting school for kids.  They are nervous, excited and sad.  Parents are sad summer ends and happy their kids have something to do other than fight with each other all day.  What a range of emotion!  But with school comes a return of routines and a return of freedom for my younger two.

First we need to share school pictures.  I was behind the school bus the other day and a whole group of kids were getting on and behind them stood their parents taking pictures of them with their smartphones.  I guess that is cute and also a little strange since these were middles school kids.






Then there was dirt.

We noticed our daughter playing in the sandbox one afternoon.  What we did not realize was the amount of water in the sandbox.    She was remarkably dry for being in a puddle of water.



Then the kids took down their swings and tied them up.


At first glance I though that this school thing had gotten the better of them.  As it turns out they were attaching a power line to the little house.   I guess I will worry when they try to run the gas line over.

Enjoy the weekend!



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