A Lesson in Casting

Casting lesson in the yard

Casting lesson in the yard

I took my 6-year-old son fishing yesterday at a pond in town.  The goal for him was to catch enough fish to have some sort of fish nuggets.  We caught a handful of fish, but they were all too small to get any meat from.  One of the joys in this for my son is to be able to cast.  I have been trying for a long time to teach the boys how to cast into the water.  The always manage to cast near the water, even if sometimes the hook goes backwards.  This does create a lot of extra work for me, but I figure one day it will be worth it.  Even with their shady casting record, I inevitably I hear “dad, let me cast.”  I then hand the rod to them and get out of the way.  Casting is a skill, a learned skill, and something that has inherent challenges to it.  There are times when the wind is blowing too hard to cast with precision.  There are other times when there are trees or other people around making it difficult to cast.  Certain reels will get tangled up if you are not careful.   Sometimes the location of your cast ends up being on top of lily pads or an unseen stump that will just get you hooked up to it.

In 1 Peter 5, Peter tells us to cast our anxiety on Jesus.  We are called to cast our fears and heartaches on Him.  Life is filled with unknowns.  We live much healthier lives when we apply this truth daily.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

Start casting!

Start casting!

The same way there are challenges to casting a fishing line in the water, there are also challenges to casting our anxiety on Jesus Christ.   We are people who look around and see all the challenges with an increased sense of panic.    That is when the “what if” scenarios start in.  “What if I make the wrong choice?”  “What if the test results show cancer?”  “What if I am not happy?”  Yet, what does it say?   Are we supposed to cast our anxiety on him just because that seems like the logical thing to do?  No, we are to cast our anxiety on him because he cares.   The God of the entire universe cares for you!

Today might be a great day to start your casting lesson.   Sure you might hit some unexpected obstacles and forget how to cast at times,  but soon you will find the joy in resting in the one who cares for you.



  1. Don’t forget that really fun part of casting when you flip it backwards and snag someone’s face. Or knee. And that was my Dad that did that one too – he was the experienced one! My sister and I just dunked it way too soon – swing back, swing forward, then release. Oops.

    Good analogy to God’s word. However, there’s a bigger one here about raising up a child in the way they should go. You’re doing that by simply spending time with them and enjoying the process. Too many Dad’s don’t do enough of it these days.


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