The Lego Jar (8/24/13) – When Dirt Becomes Clean

I have realized that over the course of time the Lego Jar posts have become a collection of pictures with my children in dirt.  Now I understand that there are various types of dirt they can and do get into.  My boys took it to a new level this week with their attempt to clean the dirt with water.  No, I am not talking about the dirt on their hands; I am talking about the dirt in the yard.

So, this is a problem?

So, this is a problem?

It just fits right into the normal scene we have everyday.  I look at the kids and wonder “how did you manage to get so dirt?”


Spaghetti does not help, I know.


IMG_20130820_184047Of course the minute I turn around to help them clean up, my daughter ends up on the table again.  You might recall that she enjoys to climb.


While we are talking about her, she really likes babies.  She has several of them, as seen in this picture.  She recently discovered the baby albums and flips through the pages with glee at all the babies in there!  The problem is she tends to rip pages out.  Mom frowns upon that.


And the kids used the camera again.





Lastly, we celebrated my oldest son’s 9th birthday this past week.  It is hard to believe.  He helped make his cake.  It was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips.  Wow!



Have a great weekend!  Stay clean. 



  1. Sorry to have been so MIA, but I’ve enjoyed reading your blog even if I’m not liking or leaving comments. The days are getting short though and soon I won’t be able to sit on the deck after work anymore.


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