But who will forgive me?

Does that hurt?

My son caught a turtle while fishing.  I suppose that is the good news.  The bad news is that he played a part in seeing a fish cease to be alive and it bothered him.  In fact, he wanted to know whether or not he should tell mom when we got home or not.  It was as if he was hoping to come clean from his awful crime.   He is what I would call a compassionate fisherman.  He really loves to fish, but he also doesn’t want the fish to feel pain.  If there is blood or if the fish shows itself to be in some sort of distress, he gets concerned for it.  This is nice, but it does throw me off a bit.  You see, it wasn’t but a matter of hours and he was at a campfire and a large beetle was crawling across the ground.  Immediately he looked at me and said, “hey dad, can I throw it in the fire?”  I guess he is selective on what he has compassion for.   In case you were wondering, I told him not to do that to the poor beetle.

He doesn’t feel the same remorse when he does something to his brother. I would not expect it either, since brothers fight as a part of their job description.  He can be friendly to his brothers one moment and then the next minute throw something at them with no visible remorse, at least until we confront him.

To be fair, this is not something that only he deals with.  We all deal with this.  I know I don’t always feel immediate remorse for sins I commit.  But, the result is still the same, a rebellious act against a holy God.  God is not only the one offended, He is also the one who judges the offender.

This very concept came up in 1 Samuel 2:25.

“If a man sins against another man, God may mediate for him; but if a man sins against the LORD, who will intercede for him?” – 1 Samuel 2:25a

Consider the implications of this here.  If we harm our brother, we have a way to mediate that offense.  In our legal system, we have judges who do that.  In that situation there is a judge and jury that are both supposed to objectively decide the ruling.  But, let’s say you hurt the judge’s family or the judge himself.  Does that change things?

In this case, we have seriously offended the judge to the point where we cannot even be in His presence.  We were destined for destruction because we had violated the law of a Holy God.  What this text left unanswered here, God answered in His Son, Jesus Christ. The only way there was going to be mediation was through a perfect Savior.  This Savior was one who would mediate and allow us to be in the presence of God again.

Oh how we need to feel the grief of our sin and the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ to cover it!  The truth is that there is forgiveness for you no matter what you have done.  Even if you don’t feel bad for what you have done, there is a law that needs to be upheld.  I know I am grateful for God’s mercy and long for more to experience it.  Where are you at today?  Who will forgive you?


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