The Lego Jar (7/27/13) – Dirt Makeup

My daughter loves the dirt.  She rolls in it, plays in it, and scoops it into her skirt in order to transport it.  These days she could take a bath two different times a day.  (or more)  Today’s Lego Jar highlights this because I realized that most of the photos I took this week were of her with dirt.

Dirt is cheap makeup

If there is one thing I know nothing about, it is makeup.   Up until my daughter was born I really didn’t think I would need to know anything about it.   We will see what the future holds.  All I know now is right now I am able to help her with it.


After -- did your brothers help?

After — did your brothers help?

Clean and ready for more

After we hosed her down, she seemed to desire some goggles.  I don’t know what that says about our bathing methods.


Shark week is coming


We had our Vacation Bible School this week.  It was the first one since the fire, so it was without a building.  We managed to have a great turn-out under the tents. It only rained one day, but it rained a lot that day.  My kids were wet, but what kids don’t want to get wet?


Often we notice their excitement about water when we go for a walk.  One night this week it was funny because they all had their helmets on.  The picture looks funny because they are walking with helmets on.  The truth of it is that they did have their scooters off the screen here.  But, look at how much they want to jump into that puddle!

Have a great weekend! 




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