Living in the Power of the Spirit.

What are you up to God?

What are you up to God?

There are times I wonder what God is doing around me and whether it has anything to do with me or not.  I know that God does not need me, that is not what I am talking about.  What I am talking about is the way He seems to work in spite of my efforts.  It is those times when we gather and my plans are blown up by the work of God.  It is the small group discussion that turns into a powerful time of testimony and praise.  These things only God can do and we certainly are glad He can!

This week I have been thinking this through as it relates to the conference I was at last week.  Specifically, I wonder how God calls individuals to specific areas of service.  As wide as the field sometimes seems, I know that the success in it has little to do with the task.  The success has everything to do with God and His desire to impart His Spirit of power.

For example, David was content serving in the field before God redirected his path.  In fact, he was the most unlikely character to lead the kingdom because he was not built like the others.  Still, he was the one God chose and the one that it says God imparted the Spirit in power.  All of a sudden David goes from protecting sheep from dangers to protecting the people from Goliath.  David walks in power he has never experienced before and it makes a powerful impact around him.   Sure he had been prepared to some extent, but the real success came as God empowered him.

I love this because it puts the equipping and calling to serve completely  on God.  Unfortunately many churches will look at someone in terms of their ministry experience and exclude them from some position.  It is important to get the right person, but it is important to look at everyone in light of God’s calling and gifting.  In short, let’s not miss what God is doing.   When God’s Spirit is at work in someone’s life, experience is irrelevant.

What might God be calling you to?  Is it something beyond what you have envisioned for you?  I know that I ask for God to fill me with the power of His Spirit to both find blessing in what I am doing and in leading me on into the future.  It is up to Him.




  1. This nailed it in so many areas. I love the David comparisons and you really hit it with the truth that man will shun one’s opportunities on the basis of what they can see, but they don’t know what God is up to in that individual’s life. Boy, that speaks David’s calling all the way!

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