This is 100%

100% something

100% something

We had the opportunity to worship at a different church this morning.  It is something that is always fun for me because I am able to be a part of worship without having to lead.  We had this whole day planned around leaving the Cape and enjoying some time away.

Later in the day my son was reading the side of a bottle of orange soda.  It was warm and I was feeling generous, so I bought them a treat.  The side of the soda said 100% natural flavors, or something like that.  He read it and said: “hey dad, it says 100%.  That means it is good for you.”   I loved his simplicity, even if it was flawed.

At dinner I asked the boys what they learned at church.  This is something I always do after church.  Today they were in the service the whole time and heard the sermon.  One of them recited a story that was shared in the introduction and the other shared a story that was told later on.  They both told a story and missed the point of it.

These are two examples of that highlight the importance of being very intentional with kids.  Kids see things in concrete terms.  They do  not always understand abstract things or big church words.  They do understand that if someone takes their ice cream from them that they will be upset about that. They do hear stories and even lean in when they are told.   We need to try to capture that simplicity in what we teach or lead them in.  Be creative and meet them where they are.

In my case, I did not just dismiss his innocent statement, but shared with him what it meant.  Parents need to be engaged in all of those teachable moments each day.  They happen all the time.

So, feel free to drink a soda tonight because it is 100% something.



  1. It doesn’t end with childhood! I have this at work with the younger employees who don’t know that much about the business world and often don’t understand what they’ve been told. Mentoring doesn’t change, whether it’s your kids or someone else’s.


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