The Lego Jar (7/6/13) – Dirt -We Like It

I took this week off and boy did the kids get dirty.  As I think about it now, I suppose those things are not related.  I already mentioned the marshmallow incident, so there is nothing new to report on that.

I was constantly informed this week that I needed to purchase a cap gun.  I don’t know exactly where the desire came from.  This is from my 6 year old son who even drew a picture of it and everything.   He had a cap gun once, so I am not sure why he wants one now.  I would rather get a super soaker!

They did create a target for their Nerf guns.  This is an old patio table that they painted and then shot at.


My daughter has figured out she likes dirt.



In this bottom picture she was using her skirt to haul dirt around.  I guess we can tell she is the youngest and has all brothers.

Have a great weekend! 


One comment

  1. I think you’re wrong. I think you taking a week off and the kids getting extra dirty ARE related!

    Super soakers are great, but cap guns make much more noise!


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