Where the Lines Get Blurry

The questions that surround religious freedom and schools are many.  Often we have school officials screaming for diverse religious expressions all while excluding any expression of the Christian faith.  People have gotten very bent out of shape of references to the Bible or prayer during any number of public venues.   If you mention Jesus you are reminded that “that is not allowed here.”  Of course I was not surprised to see that a California judge has ruled that Yoga taught in the schools is alright, even though it is a religious practice at its core.  (story)   It does make me scratch my head, though.

My point is not a complicated one.  I just want the standard to be applied to all groups.  If a teacher taught prayer, they would get fired,  or at the very least get reprimanded.  When a Bible group forms in the public school there is an outcry from groups opposed.  Every year the See You at The Pole movement meets at schools across the country and students take some heat for it.  They are gathered to pray without any fanfare.   But, when teachers have the students mediate or other new age spiritual practices, well, that is fine.  I know of one teacher locally who does this with the students and seems to have freedom to do it however they like. We are people longing for the freedom to express our faith wherever we are.  I think the lines are getting a bit blurry here.   Either the government is against religion in schools or it is for religion in schools.  There really needs to be consistency across the board.

What do you think?


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