The Lego Jar (6/29/13) – School’s Out, Now What

An interesting dynamic occurs each year about this time.  Having such a long school year starts to wear everyone out.  They finally are done with school and looking forward to being done.  Then the day arrives and they have so many plans.  The next day they are bored.  This week’s Lego Jar shares a little about the first few days of summer vacation.

Tourists A-Plenty

I will say this because it is fresh on my mind.  I am always amazed at the crazy pace some people take on their vacations.  Last night I was at a stop light and the light turned green.  The person behind me was immediately on the horn with hand gestures included.  I feel like my speech about his need to calm down and enjoy his vacation has fallen on deaf ears.  Also, for those who might be wondering,  the ice cream case at the store is glass.  You do not need to stand there with the door open to decide.

Finger and Face Painting

My wife decided to let the kids finger paint.  That is all I really need to say.


Seems so innocent




And then she saw herself in the mirror.


Who can really understand girls?

Water Park 

It has been raining off and on this week.  One night it started to rain while the kids were outside.  We are cool parents so we let them play in it.  They were going down their water slide and everything.

IMG_20130626_165950IMG_20130626_171845Other Things to Do

One afternoon my 6-year-old son decided he was going to make a home for a fly or two.  He got real busy with his project, putting newspaper in the bottom and everything.  Loo how proud he was of it!  The fly he put in there died, but it was a nice try.


Lastly, I happy to learn that if my youngest son became a spider he would crawl all over all of us.  That is what he told us.

Have a great weekend!



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