The Tender Heart of a Child

IMG_2017The hand of God on my children is something I have written frequently about.  They see things in such concrete ways that I am taught profound truths through their eyes.  There are times when I will say goodnight to them and one of them will have something they want to pray about.  Sometimes they will pray about it even before I ask them to.  They talk to each other about Bible stories they have heard.  They are exercising faith without the pretense so many adults have.

One day I asked my 6-year-old what he wanted to be when he grew up.  As a side note, I really believe God’s hand is on him for some sort of ministry.  He told me he wanted to be a pastor.  I asked him why.  He said he wanted to “tell people about the Lord.”  I pressed him more and asked him where he wanted to do that.  He told me “in states where people don’t go to church.”

I share that because it is really fun to hear him say that and because I think it illustrates how tender the heart of a child is.  I did not plant those ideas in his head.  I did not tell him what I thought he needed to do.  He just said what was on his mind.  Will he be a pastor?  I don’ t know.  What I do know is that God is at work in his life.  For that I am incredibly thankful.

This way....

This way….

Do not underestimate what God can do through your children.   They are not people who are just sort of waiting around with their graham crackers.  They are people God loves and wants to minister in and through right now.  Lead the way, parents, and watch what God does with it.

Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. – Proverbs 22:6



  1. It’s a great story and it will be interesting to see how God’s greatness manifests in your son. I haven’t heard the story for a while, but Dr. Dobson’s male relatives were in the ministry. I think it was his grandfather who felt strongly he would be a minister also, but then Dobson became a psychologist. And of course, it went from there. He did become a minister, but not at all in the way his family thought it would happen.


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