The Lego Jar (6/22/13) – Father’s Day and Excavators

The random parts of this week can be summed up with a few pictures.

Father’s Day

I rock!
I rock!
I fish
I fish

I guess I also like Sour Patch Kids and am over 9 ft tall.

I am 9ft 111 inches


Inspector Gadget

We came back from our trip to Tampa with a bunch of free stuff.  My son put it all on and said he looked like Inspector Gadget.



Excavators on water

While in Tampa was saw an excavator on the water.  I took a picture for my kids.  They were mesmerized by this.  I feel like you will be also.


Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “The Lego Jar (6/22/13) – Father’s Day and Excavators

  1. That is terrific! I hope you had a great Father’s Day. I adore the rock. We have a load of those, and the children love to paint on them. Little V was very impressed with the Inspector Gadget picture. She has been asking for weeks to be “blown to smithereens” so she can be a gadget.

    1. I guess my kids have not asked to be blown to smithereens, but the gadgets they are completely for. The rock came because my other son made one at school and my oldest felt left out. I love that I still rock. I hope it lasts a while.

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