The Privilege of Serving the King

It is Monday and yes I have had to remind myself of that a few times.  My wife and I returned late last night from our trip to Tampa.  This was not a vacation trip, even though we were without the kids.  It was an opportunity to be with the Christian and Missionary Alliance family.  I walked away excited about what God is doing among us.

Over the course of the next few days I will be unpacking some things I heard from God.  This is always such a refreshing time for me and I know that I received some pertinent items from God.  Today my mind races with many thoughts.  My hope is that it starts to settle a bit in the coming days.  I think a few more pots of coffee will help with that. To be honest, ministry has taken a real sharp turn since our church fire.  It was nice to get away and gain some perspective.

Missions Parade

Missions Parade

As I reflect today, I am incredibly thankful to God for His kindness toward me.  I also am praising Him for the many who leave all they have to go to the ends of the world to carry the message of the Gospel  to those who so desperately need it.    In fact, it is always such a moving experience to watch the missions parade on the final day of our time together.  They walk around holding flags and banners indicating the countries they serve in.  To God be the glory!

So, thank you God for loving me enough to call me to serve.  Also, thank you God for calling willing servants to the field.  May God’s work continue in my life and in the many others on mission with Him.  It is truly a privilege to serve the King.




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