The Lego Jar (6/8/13)- Recalculating

It is time to dump out all of those pesky Legos in order to help them find a home.  Unfortunately, I often drop some of them on the floor, step on them, and they end up back in the Lego Jar for next week.  I guess that fits well with the theme this week.  It dawns on me that we put a lot of time into getting to some destination and then home again.  I was driving to the airport the other day and I turned on an old Mark Lowery CD.  On it he sings a song called “First Class, Wrong Flight” in which he describes a time someone got on a plane to the wrong city while flying first class.  He says, “It doesn’t matter where I go; I’m going there in style.”  I guess that is what life is like sometimes.

The Human G.P.S.

My 6-year-old son took a trip with my wife to a house she is going to be cleaning.  He was supposed to be her G.P.S. for the return trip.  I was informed that he is defective.  This is the essence of his directions:

“Go straight”  — recalculating —- “Go straight, then turn” — recalculating — “Go straight until you turn, then go straight, turn”  “You are home.”

I think we will keep him busy elsewhere.

Just recently I had asked my 3 year old to direct me to our house from the elementary school we are having our worship services in.  He did a great job.  I would come to the stop sign and I would say “which way” and he wold point.  He does wear his sunglasses at night, so I think that helps him out.


 The Challenge of Free Swing-Sets

I love when people offer free things to us.  The hard part is moving it and making it fit in our yard the right way.  Someone offered us a bigger set and I naturally took them up on it.  We spent some time moving it last week and then I was finally able to get all the bolts in the right places this week.  I bring this up because it was an answer to a request my kids have recently had for a treehouse.  Just a week ago I was given a request for a tree house.  I did some research and found that it would be quite expensive.  It wasn’t more than a week later and we had this one in our yard.  I know it is not a big deal to most people, but to my kids it was a huge deal.  I am grateful for generous people.



Did you know why girls wear shorter shorts than boys?  Because they wear shorter underwear.  That is what my boys said.

Also, evidently my 6 year old has a crush on all the girls in his class.  I think this is fine at this point because I don’t even think he knows what he is talking about.

If I say to my daughter, “are you a baby” she tells me “no, a girl.”  We didn’t teach her that.   She is just that smart.  I guess she did get that from me.

I was also tagged and told that I had just been “cheese touched.”  What is that?  I don’t know.  My brain is recalculating.

Have a great weekend!


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