The Lego Jar (6/1/13) – Fishing to Save the Galaxy

As you read this I am on a camp-out preparing for some more fishing.  This week can be summarized in a couple different ways.  My kids are starting to really get into fishing and wanting to do it all the time.  This is a lot of fun and a lot of work.  We managed to spend some time doing that this week.  We also were influenced by Star Wars.  But, then again, who isn’t?


My kids have always made lists of things they wanted to do or things they want me to buy.  Let me share two of them from last weekend.






I posted this picture the other day because it was the first fish of the season.  But, I post it again because it is my blog.





Then Star Wars Happened

We watched a little Star Wars.  The next day  I witnessed this.



I loved it.

My daughter likes to climb.  I came in the house one day and this is what I saw.



We also prepared for some baseball.



We were successful in making it through another week.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



    1. She did not fall down when she swung it. She is obviously watching her brothers.

      Also, my daughter has not walked off the table yet. I am hoping she skips that lesson. We will see.

  1. May God’s Force be with you! I hope the fishing is good, and the brats are better– without the grilled cabbage.


      1. I’ve heard of sauerkraut and I’m no fan of that either, but never cabbage!!! Why do people feel the need to try to improve on something that is already perfect? — There might be a homily in that LOL.

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