More than hot dogs and summer

united-states-flagIsn’t it interesting that the people who really ought to be able to celebrate Memorial Day are not able to?  There are those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom we honor on this day.  They have already paid it all giving up promising lives for freedom.  There are those who are currently serving in combat zones for our freedom right now.  They fight so that we don’t have to.    They are not able to take a break from their work to have hot dogs with their families.    We are thankful for them and for their families.

We take a lot for granted as a society.  We might have a great experience at some restaurant 100 times and never pay anyone a compliment.  Then on visit 101 there is an issue with the food and every social media website hears about it.  We will make them pay for their sin. How about the freedom we enjoy?  Do we ever take it for granted?  I know some parts of the world don’t live in such a peaceful environment.  And with our recent terrorism we are all the more mindful of how quickly things can change.  May we never take it for granted.

So, while we love the official start of summer and all that goes with that.  We must also remember that the freedom we enjoy was not free.

Of course we can’t forget about the sacrifice made for our eternal well-being without which all of this world wouldn’t matter anyway.  It was Jesus Christ who  paid the ultimate sacrifice in dying to set us free from the power of sin.  We owe Him everything.  Every morning we are alive should be another opportunity to praise His name and live in Him.

Summer begins

Summer begins

So, today as you celebrate, thank God for this great country we live in and the people who fought for what we have,  but don’t forget about Jesus.  He died for us and now we are called to live for Him.   Make this memorial day about more than eating hot dogs and dreaming about summer.  Make it an opportunity to praise the God who saves!



  1. Your second paragraph is a great reminder on why we need to live lives of gratitude – both to God and to those who we interact with. Today is a great day to remember all the sacrifices made for us. Thanks for pointing it out.


    1. I need to remind myself of this; especially on those days that things don’t go my way. It is easy to complain, but it seems to be a lot more challenging to say thank you. It shouldn’t be, but it often is.

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