The Lego Jar (5/25/13) – Celebrate Good Times

Today is my birthday, but that’s not important.  What is important is the way my kids deal with it.  For starters I was told I would get a toy for my birthday.  When I asked what toy I am getting I was told, “one that I have already.”  I love that.  The boys also created a garden for me this week.  The garden consists of weeds, but it is a garden none-the-less.  What was especially funny is how they wanted to keep it a secret from me as a surprise.  Yet, the moment I got out of my van they said, “come see what we made for you.”  What an adventure!

Garden Time 


It rained the next day and this is what it looked like.



Since fishing is on the schedule for the weekend,  there was only one logical thing to do.  We needed to go hunting for worms. Things started off alright.


But we soon were putting things into a puddle.


Things turned out alright.  Now maybe we will catch a fish this weekend.  Last weekend we just ended up sticking out hands in the water.


Decorating the cars

On a different day I found my children using the chalk to decorate their cars.



In other news, while “How Great Thou Art” was playing at our house my son said:” hey dad, it says art and I have art today!  I guess that works.

Have a great weekend!



      1. The boys are getting showered/bathed every night now. That is how things go once the weather warms up. I call my youngest son pigpen at times because he goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to getting dirty.

        May is a great month to have a birthday. I take it you also have a birthday in May?

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