God’s Hand in Oklahoma

In the aftermath of the tornadoes in Oklahoma, we have heard a few sad and moving stories.  As a parent, I try to put myself in the place of someone who had no idea where their child was.  One victim I read about in today’s paper was in third grade like my oldest.  So, it is horrible to try to grasp the grief in this.

At the same time, these events highlight how close we all really are, despite all the disunity in the culture today.  A woman finds her dog in the rubble and we are moved with compassion for her.  I told my wife I just wanted to give her a hug.  A student was reported as giving her jacket to a younger student who was shivering in the immediate aftermath at the one school.  What a tender moment of self-less love that really was.  Elementary school teachers putting themselves out there in order to save the lives of their students is above and beyond the call of duty, yet there seems to have been no hesitation about it.  Then there are the people who have shown up to help find people that they do not know.  A few days earlier they might have walked right past them in the store; today they look for them in rubble.  I think that says something about humanity and our identity as God’s children.

In Jesus’ ministry before the resurrection, He showed to us what it meant to live a life of service.  He came to serve and did so everywhere He went.  He encountered suffering people and served them where they were at.  He showed compassion and love to outcasts of the day.  This was quite the statement considering He left the throne to come.   He humbled Himself greatly.

We see Jesus at work in very obvious ways in the midst of disaster as people show love to strangers.  These people  are now in the place of  ‘the least of these’ like we see in Matthew 25 and need help.  They need water, clothing and shelter and look to others for those needs.    People step up and give out of what they have to help others.  This is no doubt the ministry of  Jesus Christ among us.

God is at work  and we pray for more of His glory to be made known in this.


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