The Lego Jar (5/18/13) – Short sleeves & a cool breeze

All the kids want to do is play in the dirt and run around with shorts on.  The weather has been better these days, so it hasn’t been too hard to let them.  They amaze me with the amount of things they can cram into a week.

Beach Training

We live in an area where the beach is what the summer is all about.  It has been a long off-season, so we are in training mode now.  My two youngest children were fine-tuning their sand castle building in the sandbox the other day.

Sand castle prep work

Sand castle prep work


This time of year is filled with outdoor projects.  My kids have created their own little projects.  The only problem is that it destroys portions of our yard.  I guess we can’t have it both ways.  Either we have kids or we have a yard.  The both demand a lot of attention and water.  But only one can mow the lawn and it isn’t he lawn. So, it is settled.  Now, where was I? Oh, yes, the projects.



Cords hanging in the tree


At dinner the other night my 6-year-old son prayed: “Dear God, please bless the spider we saw today.  May his web never break.”  Amen, I guess.

Who taught her this?  Oh, it was me. 

Head first!

Head first!



So, there’s this girl…

My  year old has taken an interest in learning to ride his tricycle now that a girl down the road does.  I guess this shouldn’t surprise me.   He just can’t seem to figure out the pedaling.  He does look cute on it, though.  That counts for something.



I have no idea if anyone even knows who Larry Boy is.  He is a Veggie Tales character who has super suction ears.  My 6-year-old found a little suction cup and put it on his ear.  He said he was Larry Boy.  Then he gave me ‘the look’ so I could take his picture.

Larry Boy

Larry Boy

I guess that does it for this week.  I hope you have a great weekend!







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