Daddy, I am pretty

Daddy, I am pretty

Daddy, I am pretty

My daughter has recently started showing me how pretty she is.  It is something I notice because the boys never did this.  I also notice that I have been telling her how beautiful she is naturally.  With the boys it never dawned on me to compliment their appearance.   All they wanted me to do was dig in the dirt with them.  Actually, my daughter does also.

This has created an interesting scene as she comes to show me her outfit.  I always agree with her because I think it matters for her to be affirmed even at this young age.   She does not need much.  What she comes looking for is a few moments of attention and an acknowledgement that I have seen her.  she quickly moves on to other pressing matters like taking things out of the cupboard.

If we stop to think about it, this is a powerful illustration.  Everyday people go to other people to get their approval.  This approval might be as simple as some sort of recognition on project, or it could be desire to be noticed for an appearance.  This is most noticed in the teenage crowd because they are obvious about it.    It is clear that they are just looking for approval, as my daughter does from me.  Adults are no better at it.  They are better at calling it something else.  This isn’t inherently evil, but it certainly can lead to problems.

God looks at things in a different way than we do.  God looks at the heart.  We should be looking for approval from Him first.  It is the approval of our Heavenly Father that ultimately matters.   And if that is what we are after, we don’t have to even let God know because in Him we already find all we need.


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