Life Still Matters

life...yes, it matters

life…yes, it matters

What makes Kermit Gosnell, who has been convicted of killing three babies in the name of abortion, so different from the rest of us?  He claims he was just doing his job.  So, what is the big deal?  Well, the interesting thing is that as inherently evil as mankind is, there still is in us a desire to preserve life.  Life matters.  Life is why we have seat belt laws, texting while driving laws and helmet laws.   Life is why I tell my kids not to get too close to the edge of the waterfall or run in traffic.  We enjoy many things in life, but when someone’s life hangs in the balance, we stop to pay attention to them. Life is still an important issue for all of us.

Of course the topic of abortion is highly politicized.  People call it a woman’s right to choose and rant and rave about it all day long.  I am not going to get into the politics of it.  What I do wonder is where we draw the line.  I am thankful that this man was convicted of some of the charges brought against him.  It gives me hope that we haven’t completely lost our value for life.  I am concerned about how many more people wind up hanging out with a guy like Dr. Gosnell thinking that this is the only solution they have.  If only we would help people see that choosing life is not a political issue, it is a humanitarian issue.

The answer to all of this is found in Jesus Christ.  The Bible tells us that there is no longer any condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.  That means that no matter what has happened in your life you can find hope and forgiveness in a relationship with Jesus.  He takes the punishment for your sin and gives you eternal life in its place.  It is the only answer we have.  People who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy need to know that they have a Savior in Jesus Christ, as do people who are in the midst of other life altering circumstances.  In Him is life because God is the author of life and it is Him we choose.     It was Jesus Christ who gave up His life so that we could have life forever.  Yes, Lord, may you be made known.



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