The Lego Jar (5/11/13) – The Variety of Life in May

The year seems to hit fast forward when we get to May.  This year is no exception. For the Lego Jar this week I want to show a snapshot of the variety of life right now.

The ‘Aw’ Factor




We had a building meeting after church last Sunday.  As you can see, my kids found the discussion to be just about as exciting as our dinner discussions.


And The Birds Go Crazy

IMAG0111 (1)


Speaking of birds, my sons made a little bird nest out complete with clay birds.


Time to Move Some Dirt

It seems like everyday there is some new creation outside.  This is what they did this week.


The Many Sides of My Little Girl

You would never know she had brothers, if you saw how she treated her babies.



IMAG0125Of course, she does have brothers.  That is obvious when you see how she plays outside.



Boys Stuff

The boys were grinding sticks with the wheel of a bike.  My wife asked me if it was a boy thing.  Clearly she wouldn’t understand.



Yes, it is random.  But it is my random life.  I hope that you have a great weekend doing whatever random things that come your way.




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