Climb On

The winter has felt long for a number of reasons.  It was with excitement that we took a trip into the local state park on Saturday.  The intention was just to throw some rocks into the water, look for snakes, and catch a frog or two.  Actually, it turned into a climb to the summit of a hill with the boys.  There is something about climbing up a hill that brings out the manliness in all of us.  (no laughing)

We threw some rocks -- And only got a little wet

We threw some rocks — And only got a little wet

We moved on to the hill.  It was a race to the top.  Of course, I was at the end to make sure the my youngest son didn’t fall backwards down the hill.  His little legs just couldn’t keep up with his brothers.

I'm coming boys!

I’m coming boys!

We got to the top and it was time for a manly pose.

The conquerors

The conquerors

I recall learning about gravity one time in my life.  They say that what goes up must come down.  In this case I decided we would slide down the hill.  Once again, my trip down was much slower than their trip.

Eat my dust, dad.

Eat my dust, dad.

As with most things that I do with my children, I walked away thanking God for the opportunity to be in their lives.  It certainly keeps me from getting lazy or bored.  So much to do and so little time.  And so I hope to take advantage of each day to the fullest because this time we do not get back.    Therefore, I climb on.




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