The Lego Jar (5/4/13) – Parenting and Spring – A true story

This week’s Lego Jar has me reflecting on the depths of parenting. Parenting is like  graduate school.  If you have more than one kid, then it is like having a heavy class load.  There are things you learn in the daily grind and there are things that feel like busy work.   The only difference is that while both cost a lot of money, one will get you a degree while the other will give you a degree of insanity.  I will let you decide which one provides which blessing.

IMAG0095Parenting brings blessings, joys, sorrows and sacrifice.  But when I come home and they all come running, it really makes no difference.  I like to sleep just like you do.  I even enjoy adult conversation.  It is just that right now I am in the parenting classroom learning about who I am and how that relates to several other young lives.

Parents:  Take time to appreciate your children today.  They might be a handful, but they are your handful.  Enjoy!  I know that the time invested now will pay off in the future.

Children:  Appreciate your parents.  They might be a handful, but remember you were their handful first.


If parenting is like graduate school, I suppose I will never be graduating.  I suppose this is a good alternative to getting my terminal degree.

In other news, spring has come to New England.  I spent a good part of the week mocking my family and friends who were receiving snow in May.  I was not receiving snow in May so it looked quite beautiful to me. 



I hope you have a great weekend with some awesome people!   May the 4th be with you. 


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