Anyone Can Show Kindness To Others

Here you go.  Whatever I have is yours ;)

Here you go. Whatever I have is yours 😉

There is section of Scripture that comes up often because it hits at the heart of what it means to follow Jesus.  There is a practicality to it that is challenging, probing and affirming at the same time. Last night at bedtime one of my boys was reading a new Bernstain Bears book that had Matthew 25:40 in the front of it.

The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’ (NASB)

I read the verse to him and started to talk about what that actually was referring to.  It is a verse that is in the context of kindness showed to people and how that translates to the same being done for Jesus.  I told him that if we were to give someone water because they needed water it is just like giving that water to Jesus.  At the same time, if we ignore a need like that when we can help, it is like we are ignoring Jesus.

He said:

“Dad, if you were at the grocery store around dinner time and I saw that you only bought milk, I would buy you more food.   If you only had milk you would be hungry.  I guess I need to bring my wallet along with me and give some dollars to people who need it, right?”

Once again my 6-year-old son has summed up Bible passage for all of us in a way that makes sense.  He has maybe a dollar in his wallet, but he would give it away.  This begs the question for all of us:  Would I give away something I have, even if it is the last bit of something I had?   Would you?  Who are the people right in front of us that could use some help today?  We might need to open our eyes a little bit more and ask God to bless others through us.  One thing I know:  When we bless others, we are also blessed and, more importantly, Jesus is honored.





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