The Lego Jar (4/27/13) – We got chalk

Spring is apparently happening these days.  That means more daylight and more time outside.  This week we experienced both, as I wrote about earlier this week with my daughter.  This Lego Jar gives a picture of how my children navigate the change of seasons.

We Got Chalk

My 3-year-old still has trouble with certain words.  Mainly he puts the letter ‘f’ in front of words that he shouldn’t.  As you can imagine, it makes for many little heart attacks when he screams about trucks driving past.  I came home on Friday and he told me that we got some fhalk.  I figured it out because I am so smart.  Actually, it was obvious.



The outline of the body is funny to me.  There was nothing to see here, so I moved on.


Making Dirt

Once again I noticed two of my boys pouring water into a bucket.  Upon further inspection it was determined that there was also dirt in this bucket.  They were making something, but we really don’t know what.






Wagons do a couple of things in our world: they transport people and they transport dirt. These two things often happen at the same time.   This time it was my daughter who wanted a ride, but no one seemed interested.


Duck Dynasty

My family has spent some time watching Duck Dynasty.  As a result, my boys have been adding phrases like “jack” onto their sentences.  It is funny if you have seen the show or live in the south.  Here in New England people just look at us funny.  Well, let’s just say they  do that anyway.

Have a great weekend!





  1. My nephew went through the same phase of pointing out truck and putting an “f” in front of it. My sister was mortified.

    Liked the body on the deck – did one of his brothers pose for it?


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