The Lego Jar (4/20/13) – It’s the milk chocolate!

We spent a few days visiting some friends this week.  This week I share with you a few pictures of our trip because it captures the week quite well.

Reading Material

I have documented many times how my children love to gather any free publication they can.  True to form, they went ahead and picked as many as they could off every display they were able to get their hands on.

So many to choose from

So many to choose from

They found another one.



Feeding the big doggie

We saw a horse and were able to feed carrots to it.  My daughter called it a doggie and even waved bye to it.


The Sweetest Place on Earth

We took some time to stop in Hershey, PA.  While there we spent a couple of hours at Chocolate World.  It was awesome!  We even did the free tour twice because my kids loved it so much.

She loved the signing cows

She loved the signing cows

The kids

The kids

Keep Your Staples At Home

We went to a park and came across this sign.  It is obvious that they have a real staple problem in New Stanton, PA.

No Staples

No Staples

We managed to have a great time away.   My boys are still singing the song “it’s the milk chocolate” that they cows sang.  They want to go back!    I can’t say I blame them.  It is a huge candy store after all.

Have a great weekend!



  1. One of my employees spent time at Hershey Park during spring break and had trouble getting her kids to come back home too.

    Glad you all had a good time!


  2. precious trips with the kids….get as many trips in as you can….the desire to explore stay with them and the memories with you!

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