Thank You God For Each Moment

Waste Nothing!

Waste Nothing!

Taking time out of the normal settings of life can be refreshing and joy giving.  This past Sunday we were able to worship together in a different church.  It allowed me the opportunity to be a part of worship without a role in leading it from the platform.  I love being able to take a break and absorb what is going on around me.   However, during the service there was a time to share what things people were praising God for that particular day.  I had no intention of saying anything and had nothing really that I felt was worth sharing.  Without prompting from me my 6-year-old son said out loud, “I am thankful that I am with my family today.”

This comment did a few things to me.  First, it made me proud as a dad because my son was willing to praise God for something in front of a bunch of strangers.  It is encouraging to see him step out like that.    It also made me think about the nature of worship.  We are told to offer our bodies as living sacrifices to God because it is all that we have to give.   This means on the days that we meet to worship together and the days we don’t.  Everyday is a day to worship God.  Everyday is a day to thank God for something, even if the only thing you feel the need to thank God for is the breath in your lungs. Every moment is a gift from the author of life.

Without realizing it, he had caused me to stop and consider how many things I miss because I am not in the moment.  It is like my boys at breakfast asking me what is for dinner.  I always tell them not to concern themselves with that now because it is breakfast time.   It is the same with life.  Praise God for each moment.  If you are sitting with your family in church, praise God.  If you are watching a movie with your spouse, praise God for that.  If you are driving to work, praise Him.  I guess the lesson here is that God does not waste moments and we shouldn’t either.



  1. so it’s not wonder that Jesus said we have to be like the children huh? God bless you and your children Derek!

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