The Lego Jar (4/13/13) – The clouds keep crying

Spring on Cape Cod means two things: rain and rain.  It seems like we don’t have any real transition to summer.  This week’s Lego Jar represents some transitions for us from winter to summer.

First of all I need to explain what I mean by crying clouds.  One morning I was taking the boys to the bus stop when my 6-year-old son started talking about the rain.  In his unique way of understanding things he said to me: “hey dad, why do the clouds keep crying?  They should just be happy.”  I agree.  That being said, they must be quite sad because it has rained a lot this week.

There are other deep thoughts to share too like:” hey dad, metal is not plastic; metal is glass”  He also asked me what it would be like to be a car and if I had ever been one.  I assured him that I have not had the pleasure of being a car.   It does make me wonder what kind of car I would be.

One night after dinner the boys put together a little dessert for us.  They are wanting ice cream now that it is spring.  I have not started that yet, much to their dismay.

Dessert for all

Dessert for all

Spring is time for home repairs.  My kids appreciate the opportunity to help using their tools.  My daughter thinks it is fun to take the tools out of the tool box and then put them back.

IMG_20130407_162233My oldest had his spring concert this week.  I was shocked by the number of people using large tables to record their child.  There are two thoughts I had:  1) Why do you record the entire program?  Who wants to watch the whole thing again?  2)  Can you be anymore obnoxious with your tablet?  If I have to watch the show through your tablet, it is too large and you should stand in the back.  But despite my snarky thoughts the show must go on.


My son is the blonde kid in the top row

Lastly, our daughter continues her climbing ways. She has moved on from tables and is now climbing the shelves in the closet.  She is so proud of herself.

She's a climber!

She’s a climber!

Spring vacation is here for the kids.  Let’s hope the clouds stop crying!

Have a great weekend!





  1. Better make sure things are fastened to the walls at the rate she’s climbing! I agree with you about parents taping stuff. It’s really rude – everyone wants a picture and it’s hard to get when no one takes turns.

    Happy Weekend!


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