A Hug For Jesus

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs has been demonstrated many times, my children have a way of getting to the heart of Christianity.  They don’t get caught up in politics or rhetoric.  They don’t have a list of 100 things they want to ask God someday.  They just believe it and live it today.  This is what God calls us all to.

We were having a discussion at the dinner table on Saturday night about heaven.  We were talking about what heaven will be like and what it will be like there.  My 8-year-old said, ,”will we see God there?”  I told him that we will see Jesus face to face.  The two older boys stopped and thought about that for a moment.  They both said “cool” or something like that at about the same time.

I then asked, “what will you do when you see Jesus?”  I really didn’t know what they would say.  If I ask that at youth group I will probably get a variety of answers.  I thought maybe he would want to tell Jesus about his Lego set that he got or something like that.  Nope.  My 6-year-old said, “I will give Him a big hug.”

Do you know something?  That is the most beautiful answer I think he could have given.  It actually describes what Jesus talked about when He described the faith of a child.  I also tend to think his answer is pretty close to what we would really do.  My guess is we will not have a bunch of questions because looking at Him will answer it all.  If anything, I think we will be overwhelmed with praise.

I remember teaching a class one time that had a whole section on Jesus Christ as the gift.  One of the things we talked about was if we wanted to go to heaven if Jesus Christ was not there.  It is interesting to hear how people respond to that.      Some people love all the gifts that are given, but seem to disregard the gift giver.  Jesus Christ is not only a gift giver or a ticket to heaven.  He is the gift!

What will you do when you see Jesus?  I know that it will be a wonderful scene to be with Him for all of eternity.  Once again my children have reminded me how important this relationship is for us all.   Let’s draw near to Jesus so that our response to the question is “I will give a big hug” because we know that He loves us more than we could really comprehend.


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