The Lego Jar (4/6/13)- “Great Scott!”

The Lego Jar doesn’t have an abundance of items this week.  Either it was a slow week or I was slow this week.  I will leave you wondering which one it actually was.

First of all, let me just remind you that I believe we are parents of dinosaurs.  They wake up, roar, stomp their feet, and eat piles of food.  Every morning I find myself wondering what day it is and if the earth is really shaking.  It is quite the scene.

Great Scott!

One of my favorite movie trilogies is, of course, Back to The Future.  You can well imagine my excitement when I came upon my 6-year-old creating his own time machine.  He demonstrated it to me and we determined it needed some plutonium.  We did not find any, don’t worry.   But it is made out of the bottom of a grill, some cable and an old faucet.  Add the flux capacitor and we could be going back to the future.

He even looks like Doc

He even looks like Doc

Cute Alert 

We had an egg hunt on Easter Sunday with the kids.  They had a great time!  Here are a few pictures.  I warn you they are very cute.


Look at all the help!

Look at all the help!

She figured it out quickly

She figured it out quickly


IMAG0060Beach Time

What is a holiday without a trip to the beach?  I used to enjoy showing pictures of our family walking on the beach at various times of the year to my family back in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  I know they appreciate it when I rub in our ocean view. So, here I go again.

They found a dead bird.  They encouraged their sister to come see!  Of course we all went.  It was in rough shape.

Come see!

Come see!

There is such beauty all around us.  It does make me appreciate all that I have.

Footprints in the sand

Footprints in the sand

I hope you have a great weekend!  






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