A Resurrection to Celebrate All Year

05_08_10---Cross-at-Sunset_webThe many people heading to church this weekend proves that the resurrection is still an important part of our ethos, whether admitted to or not.  Would tradition alone drive so many people to attend church only a couple of times a year?  Would it make any sense to go sing some songs about a risen Lord, if you did not believe in Him?  This is a tension I feel every year because I do not understand how anyone can live under the gracious hand of God and not feel some emotion toward Him more than twice a year.  When did church become something to watch and critique rather than a chance to worship the Lord with others, declaring His worth together?  That is a discussion for another time because today is Easter Sunday- a.k.a. Resurrection Sunday.  Regardless of the reasons for the spike in church attendance, it is an opportunity to point as many people as possible to Jesus Christ!  He is the hope of the world.

So, let’s boldly proclaim Christ this Easter Sunday because He has saved us!  This is not a message made for only one day a year, but rather for every day of our life.  Our life should worship God and shine light on the person of Jesus Christ.

Every Sunday we gather and remember this: “He arose!  He arose!  Hallelujah, Christ arose!”   This resurrection changed everything and we have nothing to complain about.



  1. Unfortunately, I think that yes, tradition is what brings people to the church twice a year. It makes them “feel good” that they did something to minimally show faith in God, just ya’ know, in case God is real.

    On my side, I got in big trouble with my Mom when she kept asking what I was doing special for Easter. Each time I said nothing, she kept on and on until I finally said it was a day like any other day. Oops. Got a big lecture about it’s a high holy day etc. Which it is, but it’s a foundational truth, not a day to celebrate once a year. Having an active faith everyday in the truth of our risen Lord is (to me) more important. I’m just venting, since she doesn’t read anyone’s blog except mine. I’m not asking you to agree or disagree.


    1. I would agree with you that Easter Sunday is no different than any other Sunday. This day does help us to mark the occasion, but we celebrate the resurrection everyday. It is the resurrection of Jesus that changes everything for humanity. In that sense, it is no different than any other day. The problem is that so many ignore God all year and then put a lot into one day. That is not what Jesus was after when He said ‘follow me.’ This abiding in Christ is not something we do one time a year but daily because apart from Him we can do nothing. (John 15) What I do realize is that the many people showing up on Easter Sunday have at least illustrated the longing in the human heart for God. (realized or not) There is at the very minimum a curiosity with the resurrection of Jesus. This is an opportunity to proclaim Jesus Christ, not as an add on to life, but as life.

      So, I agree with you in principle. I probably wouldn’t have said quite like you did to your mother. 😉

      Thanks for venting. 🙂

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