The Lego Jar (3/30/13) – The Good Life

This week’s Lego Jar is filled with the usual fun that is our life.  We did have a discussion this week about how our cat, Minnie, will become a tiger when she gets older.  We also laughed as one of the kids told us to put his food in the microwave to cool it down.  I guess those things are supposed to work in reverse.    The real fun is more random than that.  Let’s begin.


Last weekend there was a science event in town.  We went because we figured the kids would find it interesting.  It was also free, which always helps. They made rockets and had a blast doing it.

Rocket Making

Rocket Making


Dirt is an important part of our daily life.  In fact, one of my boys has a shirt that says proudly “I love dirt.”  He really does.  One day he was wearing that shirt while sitting in the dirt with one shoe off.   Was he filling his shoe with dirt?  I don’t know.  I do know that it was dad’s time to watch him, so anything is possible  None-the-less,  it was the definition of a Kodak moment.

I love dirt

I love dirt


Through the course of snow plowing our gravel gets moved around.  Without my prompting, my dirt loving child went over to the pile with his dump truck to take the rocks back to their home.

Moving rocks

Moving rocks

Making the delivery

Making the delivery


I was amazed at the skill of this same son in his eating abilities.  He ate a lot of pasta, but also managed to scatter much of it around.  He also spilled his milk at one point.  I guess that is alright, since we are not allowed to cry over it.

Pasta time

Pasta time – note his lap

The floor

The floor – looks like art right?

Lastly, I will show you a picture of the kids before church last week.  I love this because it shows they can calmly sit and do something together.  I assure you, no animals were harmed in the taking of this picture.


I hope you have a great weekend celebrating our Risen Lord!



  1. I take pictures of those quiet moments as well. When I want to staple them to the wall, it is nice to know at one point they were still without help.

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