Keeping Rocks From Crying Out

-- Public Domain Image --

— Public Domain Image – From Wikimedia Commons

Sunday mornings have always had somewhat of a busy feel to them.  There are many things to think about and do in preparation for worship.  It can be so busy that it is hard to really prepare ourselves for worship.  I doubt I am the only one that finds that to be the case.

I was struck this morning with the whole Psalm Sunday scene.  Think about this setting.  I know in our picture books it is a cute scene similar to the scene in the movie Aladdin where he comes in as the prince to great fanfare.  That was not what it was really like.  There were some who were not in a place to worship Jesus.  They were irritated with the crowd and busy with their own lives. They might have heard of Jesus, but were indifferent about who He was.  There were others who were ready instantly to wave palm branches and shout praises to God.  These people were overwhelmed with Jesus and all they had seen Him do. There were also those who were there to watch what was going on to stop it.   What an incredible scene!

The rebukes were predictable in this case.   The Pharisees didn’t like this at all. They told Jesus to rebuke His disciples.  Jesus says something that is so profound, He tells them that if the disciples were quiet that the rocks would cry out.  Did you know that rocks could make noise?  They certainly weren’t meant to, but if we don’t do our part that is just what could happen.

We were made to worship God.  It needs to be a part of who we are.  All of the process we put into the worship service should never get in the way of the One we worship.  Yes, we want to do well in our worship times.  We just don’t want to be so busy getting it right that we don’t actually worship God.   The disciples on that first Palm Sunday did not have anything except a few branches and hearts willing to shout praise to their King.  I think this week is a good week to stop and consider both the simplicity and richness of this.  We must praise the Lord, or else miss out on what God has for us.


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