The Lego Jar (3/16/13) – Whoa! Who turned out the lights?

The Lego Jar this week comes to your courtesy of our friend Daylight Savings Time.  My kids seem to have their own way of understanding how that works.  Well, let’s be honest, they have their own way of understanding how everything works.  Let me explain.

Arm Pit Eraser

This actually seems to be a brilliant marketing idea.  One of my boys made a comment one day about the deodorant that is sitting in the bathroom, except he referred to it as the armpit eraser.  Now think about this for a minute.  It actually makes a lot of sense.  For one, you have a motion that looks like you are erasing something.  Secondly, for many people there is great hope that deodorant does erase any hint of their armpit.  Why don’t they ask kids to help market these things?

Spring is coming!

Spring is coming!

Who turns the lights off? 

Every year we play this game with the clocks that messes with our sleep.  We spring ahead and fall back in a routine that makes most of us get motion sickness.  One of the benefits is the saving of daylight.  (wow, deep)  We were having dinner one night and it was still light out.  My boys were conversing about this little miracle:

boy 1- Who turns out the lights?

boy 2- No one turns out the lights, it just gets dark

boy 1- No, someone has to turn the lights off so we can sleep.

boy 2- No, it is light in other places and dark here

boy 1- The lights still need to be turned off.

As a pastor I am encouraged by this conversation, do you know why?  Because without realizing it my boys are actually using the law of non-contradiction to settle an argument.  It cannot be both light and dark at once.  It has to be one or the other.  So, while they whole concept of orbit escapes them, this conversation was meaningful to me.


Apparently when the lights go out my son puts on his sister’s hat. My guess is he will appreciate this picture when he is older



Strange Bedtime Accompaniment

My kids have always piled strange items in their beds.  Most of their beds are filled with books because they read before bed.  I often sit downstairs after they are in asleep and hear the lovely sounds of books falling out of beds.  They also try to take toys to bed.  We have to limit this to things that don’t make obnoxious noises.  They don’t always like this because they have big plans for their flashlights and Lego sets while they sleep.

One night I got into bed and moved slightly when I heard the ‘ding’ as if the captain had just turned off the fasten seatbelt sign.  One of my children had buried a plane in my bed.  I was glad to know it was safe to move about the cabin.

Muppet or a Man 

We have watched the Man or Muppet music video from the Muppets movie many times.  It has a soothing effect on my daughter.  My 6 year old son wrote a note and delivered it to his mom.


The note says, “Mom, I have gone home. You need to decide, are you a man or are you a muppet.”  By the way, this makes more sense if you have seen the movie.  If you just got this message you might think my son was out to lunch.


We help out at a local community center a couple times a month with a dinner for lonely senior citizens.  This week one of the older ladies asked me if I was a girl scout.  I guess the girls scouts do help out on alternating weeks.  She told me that I would look nice in my vest with badges.  I told her I grew out of it.  She then proceeded to tell me that “I might like the girl scouts, since they are cute.”  And, well, I poured her some water and moved on.  What else can I even say to something like that?

Here is a girl I do think is quite cute.   Have a great weekend!

A little beauty

A little beauty


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